more good news…

oh yeah, Jake and New Girl nominated for the Television Critics Association Awards!!!

for Individual Achievement in Comedy: Jake Johnson; for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: New Girl.

now all we need is to secure the Emmy nominations as well on July 18th. keeping my fingers crossed.

is there a way we can vote for them to win…?

Jake Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, and Max Greenfield, along with the show, are nominated for the Critic’s Choice Awards. woo-hoo!!!


The Way Jess Looks at Nick

The Way Nick Looks At Jess

If that’s not love , I don’t know what is ! <3

oh, Jake J, nom nom nom.

oh, Jake J, nom nom nom.

Nick & Jess kisses // 2x152x192x232x25

this…was adorable.

I don’t wanna give up on this. And before you say no, don’t say no.

weeping tears of joy.

hallelujah, xovlololvox, finally made a new Nick&Jess video!!!

but “Let Her Go”? is this a foreshadowing of what’s coming tonight? i haven’t watched any of the sneak peeks, so if this is what’s happening tonight (which would make sense given last week’s episode and it being the last episode of the season) it will shred my poor heart to pieces. ugh!

(update: oh, phew! good to know. and of course, i like your videos. i’m a huge fan. i’m constantly checking your youtube account to see if you’ve posted anything new.)

Jake and Max, part 2.

Jake and Max discuss whether it’s appropriate to bring pastries to a group of guy friends and the DUMBEST BOY IN THE WORLD award.

also, Jake/Nick is my numero uno, but dayum—Max looks really handsome here too.